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700 Valve Supply Delivers OMB Valve Solutions for Your Company

As the largest stock distributor of OMB valves in North America, 700 Valve Supply offers comprehensive support for petrochemical and oil and gas operations throughout Texas and across the United States. OMB is widely accepted as a leading force for innovation and quality in the valve industry and provides an extensive array of choices designed specifically for oil and gas operations. With manufacturing plants in Italy, Singapore, and Stafford, Texas, OMB maintains global reach for clients around the world.

OMB Valves for Petrochemical Processing Plants

Oil refineries require numerous valves to operate safely. OMB manufactures an exclusive line of valve solutions designed specifically for the petroleum processing industry that includes the following products:

  • Floating ball valves in a wide range of configurations, including one, two, and three-piece models
  • OMB top-entry valves and side-entry valves to ensure the right fit for your equipment
  • OMB bellows seal valves for emission standards
  • Bolted and Welded bonnet gate, globe and check valves
  • Heavy-duty valves designed to stand up to high pressure
  • OMB valves come standard with actuator mounting capability

The OMB valves distributed by 700 Valve Supply conform to all applicable ASME/API standards and provide solid durability for use in the petrochemical industry.

Cryogenic Valves from OMB

At 700 Valve Supply, we deliver a comprehensive lineup of cryogenic and low-temperature valves designed by OMB to provide reliable service. OMB cryogenic valve products include the following:

  • Trunnion mounted floating ball valves with side and top entry options
  • Forged steel gate and globe valves featuring regular or extended bonnets
  • OMB check valves
  • Specialty triple-offset butterfly valves
  • Energized seat ball valves in a variety of configurations and with available downstream venting

These valves are manufactured in accordance with ASTM/API standards and feature advanced technologies that include low temperature resistant thermoplastics and adherence to emission standards set forth by governmental agencies.

Wellhead and Offshore Installation Solutions

OMB manufactures a full range of valves designed specifically for wellhead and offshore drilling operations:

  • Expanding gate valves
  • An extensive array of OMB floating valves in one, two, or three-piece configurations
  • Quality OMB Trunnion valves for added flexibility in installation
  • OMB top-entry valves and side-entry valves to ensure the right fit for your equipment
  • High-pressure check valves and globe valves
  • Bleed valves
  • Forged corrosion-resistant valves
  • Modular double-block valves

At 700 Valve Supply, we can help you find the right valve at the best price to keep your equipment up and running.

The experienced sales team at 700 Valve Supply delivers the best customer service for your company and can help you find the most cost-effective solutions for your ongoing valve replacement needs. We go the extra mile to provide the products and the guidance your operation needs to succeed. Contact us today to discuss your valve replacement needs with our friendly sales staff. We look forward to working with you.