OMB Bellow Seal Valves

For Bellows Seal Valves, 700 Valve Supply Offers the Best for Less

Bellows seal valves offer an added level of protection against leakage of fluids or gases in the petrochemical and petroleum processing environment. At 700 Valve Supply, we offer a full range of bellows seal valves designed specifically to work with your equipment and to provide reliable service with minimal maintenance. We carry more than 35,000 valves in stock to ensure availability and speed up delivery of your order. This allows us to provide premium customer service at the lowest prices possible to ensure cost-effective solutions for all your valve replacement needs.

Quality Valves from Top Manufacturers

As the largest North American stock distributor for both OMB and Velan valves, 700 Valve Supply offers the widest selection of valves from these established leaders in the industry. We are exclusive distributors for Velan exotic alloy and nickel alloy valves and provide access to the full line of OMB valve products in stock or by special order. Our elite customer service team can help you find the ideal solutions for your valve replacement requirements.

Bellows Seal Valves

Designed specifically to contain leaks for added environmental protection and reduced waste in the workplace setting, bellows seal valves feature a unique expansion and compression configuration. When compressed, bellows seal units open to allow fluids and gases to move freely through the valve; expansion of the bellows seal closes the valve and prevents spillage and leaks from occurring. Both welded-leaf and forged bellows are used; these may be constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium alloys and other corrosion resistant materials. Globe or gate valves are the most common types of bellows seal valves and are usually designed for pressure ratings between 150 and 2500 pounds. These valve solutions are recommended for improved containment of potentially hazardous petrochemical liquids and gases.

A Full Line-Up of Valve Products

The expert technicians at 700 Valve Supply are well-versed in valve technologies and can provide you with the best solutions for your specific replacement or reconfiguration needs. Along with a range of bellows seal valves, our extensive line-up of products includes the following:

  • OMB top-entry valves for easy configuration with your existing equipment
  • Velan nickel alloy valves for petrochemical processing use
  • OMB floating ball valves
  • Forged steel valves designed for maximum durability
  • Cryogenic valves
  • OMB trunnion valves in an array of configurations

Our valves meet all applicable API, ASME, and ASTM standards and are manufactured to be durable and reliable even under extreme pressure and wide variations in temperature.

At 700 Valve Supply, we take pride in offering the most cost-effective solutions for our clients in Houston, Texas, and across the U.S. and Canada. We deliver responsive customer service and fast delivery to allow you to return to full operation more quickly. Contact us today to enjoy the most comprehensive selection and best prices for all your valve needs. We look forward to working with you.

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