OMB Forged Steel Valves – Oil Gas Petrochemical Valves

Forged Steel Valves for Added Durability from 700 Valve Supply

Forged steel valves offer superior control for high-pressure and high-temperature conduits. At 700 Valve Supply, we sell forged steel valves designed expressly for the petroleum and petrochemical industry and provide support for companies in Houston and across America to ensure the best selection and best prices in the valve marketplace. Our valves meet all applicable API, ASME, and ASTM standards to ensure that your equipment performs to your specifications throughout the oil extraction and refining process. 700 Valve Supply can deliver the right solutions at the right prices to ensure optimal durability and performance in the working environment.

A Full Range of Forged Steel Valve Options

The experienced and knowledgeable staff at 700 Valve Supply can deliver a wide range of forged steel products for use in your facility, including the following:

  • OMB floating valves and double-ball valves for exceptional performance and durability
  • Bellow seal valves from one-half inch to two inches
  • Cryogenic and low-temperature valve solutions for storage tanks, refrigeration, and petrochemical plant needs
  • OMB top-entry valves and side-entry valves
  • OMB trunnion valves for increased pressure capacity and size
  • Gate and globe valves
  • Two-port check valves for positive sealing capability
  • Stainless steel relief valves
  • A wide range of other Velan and OMB valves designed to ensure zero leakage externally

Our full line of forged stainless steel valve options provides optimal durability and protection against corrosion and ordinary wear and tear. We also offer Velan nickel alloy valves along with a full lineup of other Velan valve products for use in oil and gas energy production.

Authorized OMB and Velan Distributor

At 700 Valve Supply, we are proud to be the largest stock distributor for OMB and Velan valve products in North America. Our Houston location offers easy access for oil and gas companies in Texas and provides a comprehensive range of valves from both OMB and Velan. These manufacturers are the accepted industry leaders in valve technology and produce top-quality components for refineries, oil wells, offshore drilling sites, and cryogenic storage. Both OMB and Velan specialize in providing durable and reliable valves for the oil and gas sector. The technical experts at 700 Valve Supply can assist you in finding the right valve solutions at the lowest prices to ensure profitability in this competitive industry.

Whether you need forged steel, cast steel, or alloy valves, 700 Valve Supply can deliver the right solutions for your company. We have more than 35,000 valves in stock on an average working day and can special-order other valves to speed up your repair and replacement process. As a family-owned business, we are committed to providing you with the best and most responsive customer service to ensure your repeat business. Contact us today to speak with a member of our highly skilled technical staff and to learn more about our full lineup of valve solutions for your business needs.

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