OMB Top Entry Ball Valves

Top-Entry Ball Valves from 700 Valve Supply Offer Superior Performance for Your Facility

Top-entry ball valves by OMB provide easy maintenance in petroleum processing and extraction environments and are designed to offer superior durability and performance for your company. At 700 Valve Supply, we offer an unparalleled in-stock supply of top-entry ball valves in a wide array of configurations from top manufacturers like Velan and OMB. This allows us to provide the fastest delivery times and most comprehensive support for oil, gas, and petrochemical companies in Houston, Texas, and throughout the U.S. and Canada. The 700 Valve Supply team is dedicated to providing your company with the best possible experience in the valve replacement and installation marketplace.

OMB Top-Entry Ball Valves

For most oil and gas extraction and processing operations, top-entry ball valves offer one significant advantage over end or side-entry ball valve configurations. Top-entry valves can be maintained and repaired without dismantling the entire pipe and conduit structure in which they are located. By contrast, side-entry ball valves usually require at least some breakdown of pipe components. End-entry valve arrangements typically necessitate the entire dismantling of the pipes surrounding the valve to ensure that the ball can be retrieved and the seals can be replaced or reseated properly.

Largest Selection of Name-Brand Valves

At 700 Valve Supply, we are proud to serve as the largest North American stock distributor for both Velan valves and OMB valve products. These name-brand manufacturers have built a reputation for quality workmanship in the petrochemical industry and are accepted as leaders in innovation and reliability in valve technology. We carry a comprehensive lineup of valves to include the following:

  • One, two, and three-piece OMB top-entry valves for optimal performance
  • OMB floating valves with zero external leakage guarantees
  • Bellows seal valves designed to provide added protection against leaks and spills
  • Cryogenic valve components for refrigeration and transport of temperature-sensitive chemicals
  • Heavy-duty OMB trunnion valves for use in offshore and surface extraction operations and in petrochemical processing plants
  • Gate, globe, and check valves that optimize flow control for oil and gas facilities
  • HF acid valves to prevent corrosion and interaction with hydrofluoric acid compounds
  • Velan nickel alloy valves and exotic alloy valve configurations

We maintain a constant inventory of approximately 35,000 valves in stock to ensure that 700 Valve Supply can provide the precise model, size, and configuration your company needs to keep things running smoothly.

At 700 Valve Supply, our expert technicians can provide you with real advice and guidance on finding the most cost-effective solutions for your valve repair and replacement needs. We stand behind the products we sell and offer you the best customer service in the industry to ensure that you remain a satisfied customer. Our extensive inventory of valves allows us to provide you with fast delivery to reduce downtime and improve productivity for your facility. Contact 700 Valve Supply today to discuss your valve replacement needs with our tech team. We look forward to the chance to serve you.