OMB Trunnion Ball Valves

Top-Quality Heavy-Duty Trunnion Valves from 700 Valve Supply

Trunnion ball valves are used throughout the oil and gas energy industry to manage the flow of liquid and gas materials. These cylindrical valve components are reinforced and anchored to ensure optimal performance under high pressure, making them a solid choice for petroleum processing facilities and oil and gas extraction sites. At 700 Valve Supply, we offer the best selection of trunnion ball valves from leading manufacturers to ensure that you can find exactly the right part for your equipment. Our customer service experts will help you identify the most cost-effective solutions for all your valve replacement needs.

Brand-Name Products from 700 Valve Supply

We feature quality OMB trunnion ball valves that stand up to heat, cold, and pressure to deliver reliable service for your company. With more than 35,000 valve products in stock, 700 Valve Supply is the largest and most trusted OMB and Velan stock distributor in the U.S. and Canada. Our in-stock inventory of valve products includes the following:

  • OMB trunnion valves designed for heavy-duty use and covered by a zero external leakage guarantee backed by OMB and 700 Valve Supply
  • Cryogenic specialty valves specifically crafted to stand up to extreme low temperature conditions
  • Low-maintenance OMB floating valves for moderate pressure fluid and gas control
  • OMB top-entry valves and side-entry valves for optimal configurability in the working environment
  • Gate and globe check valves
  • Velan nickel alloy valves and exotic alloy valve products
  • One, two, and three-piece ball valves in a variety of material choices
  • Bellows seal valves to provide an extra level of protection against leakage and spills

OMB trunnion ball valves are especially suited to conduits through which high-pressure liquids or gases must flow during extraction or processing. By opting for these durable and low-maintenance components, you can reduce unexpected downtime and can extend the useful life of your plant equipment for added savings immediately and for years to come.

Cost-Effective Solutions for 700 Valve Supply Clients

As a family-owned and operated business, 700 Valve Supply works to provide the best products at the lowest prices to ensure your complete satisfaction. We maintain an extensive selection of valves in stock to provide you with the fastest delivery times and most responsive service for your valve replacement needs. The technical team at 700 Valve Supply can special-order unusual valves not usually kept in stock to ensure that you receive the right components for your equipment repair and maintenance needs.

From trunnion valves to forged steel treaded connections, 700 Valve Supply delivers the best products at the best prices for Texas oil and gas companies and industrial concerns across the country and around the world. We go the extra mile to provide you with fast and responsive service and low prices for your valve replacements. Stop by our Houston office or call us today to start saving money on your routine valve maintenance and emergency repair needs.