Velan Valves – Three Piece Ball Valves

Heavy-Duty Three-Piece Ball Valves from the Experts at 700 Valve Supply

At 700 Valve Supply, we offer a full lineup of quality valves designed to keep your oil and gas energy extraction and processing systems up and running to boost productivity and profitability in the petrochemical marketplace. Our selection of three-piece ball valves is ideal for high-pressure applications and delivers solid durability in real-world working environments to reduce the time needed for maintenance and replacement tasks in your facility. The entire 700 Valve Supply team is dedicated to providing you with the right solutions to streamline your operations and ensure optimal productivity for your staff members.

Distributors for OMB and Velan

Velan and OMB are established leaders in the valve manufacturing industry. 700 Valve Supply is the single largest distribution outlet for both Velan and OMB in the North American marketplace and holds exclusive distribution rights for Velan nickel alloy valves as well as their entire lineup of exotic alloy valve products. Our extensive selection of more than 35,000 valves ensures the fastest delivery for top-quality OMB and Velan valve solutions, including the following:

  • OMB top-entry valves and side-entry valves in one, two, and three-piece models
  • High-pressure bellows seal valves with added protection against leaks
  • Exotic alloy valves from Velan
  • OMB trunnion valves that offer exceptional performance in high-pressure situations
  • Forged steel valve options for petrochemical plant use
  • Velan nickel-alloy valves designed specifically to work with your existing equipment
  • Check valves for one-way control over fluid flow
  • OMB floating valves for cost-effective use throughout your facility

Our lineup of three-piece ball valves allows you to clean your pipelines more easily and to maintain your equipment in peak condition to ensure greater productivity. At 700 Valve Supply, we offer a full range of valves for high-pressure applications and deliver the most appropriate solutions for your specific set of needs.

Customer Service and Value Set Us Apart

700 Valve Supply is a family-owned business located in Houston, Texas. We supply the oil industry in Texas and around the world with quality valve products from top manufacturers to ensure greater productivity in the production and processing environment. All our valves are designed to meet or to exceed the relevant ASTM, API, or ASME standards. This allows you to buy with confidence from 700 Valve Supply. Our expansive inventory of in-stock valves allows us to deliver your order quickly to minimize downtime. Whether you require three-piece valve assemblies for pipeline maintenance or cryogenic valve products for low-temperature applications, our team can provide the guidance and fast service you need to stay productive and profitable.

At 700 Valve Supply, we offer friendly and responsive customer service and experienced tech support to help you find the right component for your needs. We go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the parts you need at the best possible prices to keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your valve replacement needs with our expert staff.